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The Movie

What do you get when you combine 1970s era Euro-crime, karate action, and exploitation cinema in one gritty Super 8mm film? "HOT LEAD HARD FURY"! 1978: A deadly and addictive new synthetic drug, ‘Voodoo Blue’ infests the streets of the gritty mid-west metropolis of Steel City. Afro Steele, the ruthless leader of the Fang Brotherhood seeks to monopolize this lucrative market at any cost-but when he kills the brother of undercover cop Chuck Beefer, he unwittingly lights a powderkeg of vengeance as Beefer comes to Steel City with hot lead in his guns and hard fury in his fists. Amidst suspicion of corruption within the Steel city police department, Capt. Columbus Jackson secretly assigns Beefer to an unofficial ‘phantom force’ in order to find out who is really behind the influx of this deadly drug- and the death of his brother. With a cynical and volatile ex-detective named Jack Hammer, the two men dive deep into the seedy underworld of Steel City and make their way through a cast of deadly and bizarre characters- including the "Sisters of Sin", a gang of lovely and lethal ladies. It is not long before they realize just how stacked the deck is against them. Director M. Van Michaels ('Motor Vixens') and Co-Creator and Actor Jesse Frazier team up to deliverthe goods in this gritty and sexy action flick that will transport you right into the rough and tumble grindhouse cinemas of the past.

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